Diabetic foot treated with graft obtained by bioprinter, about a series of cases


  • Noelia Rivas Martínez
  • Gabriela Salcedo Rodríguez
  • Eugenia Olmedo Florenciañez
  • Kevin Duarte Centurión
  • Laura Portillo Zena
  • Elías Rojas Báez
  • Daisy Chaparro Santacruz
  • Viviano Barreto Machuca
  • Jhonatan Losanto Escudero


diabetic foot, amputation, graft, bioprinter


The risk of amputations in patients with diabetes is 10 to 20 times more frequent compared to non-diabetics. The biotechnological team developed by ROKIT Healthcare, Inc., of South Korean origin: Dr. INVIVO, is a biotechnology team that offers an effective therapy for the treatment of diabetic foot, with a hyper-personalized organ regeneration platform that, through artificial intelligence, scan the injury in order to manufacture a patch that contains autologous stem cells, extracellular matrix and specific tissue materials, to later apply it to the wound, and with this, achieve complete healing and regeneration. The purpose of this report aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment in diabetic foot ulcers and present the results of 3 clinical cases with extensive injuries after lower limb amputations, treated at the District Hospital of Ñemby, Paraguay, using this technology.


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Rivas Martínez, N., Salcedo Rodríguez, G., Olmedo Florenciañez, E., Duarte Centurión, K., Portillo Zena, L., Rojas Báez, E., … Losanto Escudero, J. (2024). Diabetic foot treated with graft obtained by bioprinter, about a series of cases. Anales of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, 57(1), 82–88. Retrieved from https://revistascientificas.una.py/index.php/RP/article/view/4326