Conocimiento y manejo de cuidados respiratorios especializados en pacientes con enfermedades neuromusculares en unidades de cuidado intensivo: aproximación por encuesta a profesionales de la salud



Neuromuscular Diseases, Air Stacking; Non Invasive Ventilatory Support, Mechanical Cough Support, Intensive Care Units, Health Care Professionals



In neuromuscular diseases, the decrease in vital capacity relates to decreased coughing and then ventilatory capacity, the combination of both generating serious complications due to ventilatory failure. In intubated patients, the extubation process is difficult unless specialized respiratory care is provided. The knowledge and treatment application of the professionals who care for these patients in intensive care is of outmost importance.


Report the knowledge and specialized application of respiratory care in neuromuscular diseases in Intensive Care Units.

Materials and methods:

Qualitative, descriptive, cross-sectional, non-probabilistic study, at criteria. The accessible population were Health professionals from the Intensive Care Units, and the analysis of the responses of a structured survey, sent to different professionals worldwide.


The questionnaires of 41 professionals were included, 34% of the professionals reported the regular use of the Mechanical Cough Assistant; 22% reported the regular use of air stacking; 31% reported the regular use of Non-Invasive Ventilatory Assistance. 56.1% of the professionals stated that they knew the difference between Non-Invasive Ventilation and Non-Invasive Ventilatory Support, 34% of the professionals reported having specialized training in the area.


Despite the existence of a high proportion of professionals with specialized knowledge, an important group does not routinely apply them. The justification is mainly due to the difficulty of acquiring and financing the necessary equipment.


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